Our Story

Deep Roots...

The roots of Ridgewood Bible Church are grounded in the "Sunday School Movement" of the 19th century.  "Ridge Road Union Sunday School" was organized around 1854.  In 1905 a Chapel was built to accommodate the Sunday School and in 1915 the Church "Ridge Road Union Church" was organized.   Today Ridgewood Bible Church carries on the legacy of over 100 years of ministry and commitment to the preaching of the Word of God.

2015 Centennial Celebration 

In 2015 just 10 years after opening the current worship center, Ridgewood Bible Church celebrated 100 years of ministry as a church.   A celebration service was held on November 29, 2015.  This service celebrated the ways God worked through people of the past and by his providence and grace to continue to be a place where the Word of God is preached.  

Multiplying Churches and Disciples 

In 2016 Ridgewood Bible Church joined with the cooperative work of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Expanding our reach in the areas of  North America and Global Church Planting, Disaster Relief and Local Church Revitalization .  Resourcing our leaders and members with world class seminary training,  furthering our vision to be a pastoral training center.   RBC continues to look to see God's work multiplied here in Western New York and around the world.

Be a part of our story...

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